Most of my work leans to abstraction. This is my current avenue of artistic expression. I often utilize printmaking techniques in combination with painting and photography. I photograph settings, drawings and poured imagery. I digitally recompose and screen print onto paper and canvas. I paint on the substrate before I print. I maintain a steadfast reverence for color, as it is a vehicle on which our emotions are delivered.

In life, I believe that our experiences are bits and pieces of ephemera that become our collective memory. And through art, I explore my memory and project my “take” on the world that surrounds me. Almost all of my work has some basis in the photographic image. Many of my own photographs hover somewhere between representation and abstraction. The most specific goal of my work is to create art that maximizes visual stimulation. The way colors relate; the composition of visual elements; the projection of what’s going on in my head…are all part of me as the artist.

I have been actively drawing, photographing, painting, printing and making paper during the last fifteen years. I studied at Cleveland State University as a Project 60 applicant. I have studied drawing with Peter Wells, Robert Thurmer and George Mauersberger. I have studied papermaking with Julie McLaughlin at the Morgan. I was fortunate to take a class in abstraction with Jennifer Omaitz at CIA. In my early education, I studied painting with Thomas Thorne at The College of William and Mary.


John Saile

e-mail: saile08@gmail.com

phone: 216.288.7619